Case Studies

In Trinidad and Tobago, our partner, the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT), developed Healthlink, which offers health service packages to corporate employees in order to finance services for underserved populations.

For every one Healthlink package delivered to a corporate employee, two equivalent packages serve vulnerable individuals in the community.

Healthlink meets the commercial sector’s need to provide employees with affordable andconvenient health services delivered at the workplace, while making a direct impact on society by delivering life-saving care to vulnerable communities.

IPPF/WHR invested $18,000 in FPATT’s social enterprise model, which is projected to generate $23,000 in revenue surplus. This surplus will subsidize and sustain a 30% growth in services to vulnerable populations over two years—a significant number in a country with just over a million inhabitants.

In the first year of the pilot program, seven of nine participating partners increased their combined local income by 14%, and sexual and reproductive health service delivery by 38%.