Top Five Reasons to Be a Proud IPPF/WHR supporter:

More women, men, and youth have care because of you: With your support we increased our services by four million since 2014! If that’s not enough to make you proud, see the “fruits of our labor” on the inside cover.

You’re saving lives and the planet: Your impact has a ripple effect. You know that when you invest in women and girls, you create healthier communities and a more sustainable and just world for all.

You’re with good times: Like when Chile made a historic move towards decriminalizing abortion, or Belize overturned its harsh anti-sodomy law, and that time when we put women and girls at the center of the Sustainable Development Goals.

And the bad: When we spoke out about the 17 women imprisoned under El Salvador’s extreme total abortion ban and needed your help, and right this very moment when millions of women still live in fear that one mosquito bite will change the entire course of their lives.

And in times of great change: You gave our beloved Carmen Barroso a memorable send off by contributing to her youth leadership program, Carmen’s Youth Catalysts. Then, you welcomed our new Regional Director Giselle Carino with open arms and an outpouring of support.