What our donors and partners are saying

IPPF/WHR celebrates the determination, comradery, and willful persistence of our brothers and sisters in the reproductive rights community and beyond. Whether supporting racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, disability rights or environmental sustainability, we all make up this forest where human rights and justice are upheld.

“I was once young, scared, and in need of healthcare. IPPF/WHR was there for me. Now my daughter is 21, and it is even harder for her and her friends to get information and treatment in a non-judgmental, safe medical environment. I am grateful for all the work IPPF/WHR does to support women’s health.”–Lily Keyes, North Carolina, Supporter since 2011

“The amazing work you do gives me hope and energy. The fight for women’s health and reproductive rights is universal: When we help others, we end up helping ourselves as well.”–Sandy Wynne, Vermont, Supporter since 2014

“IPPF/WHR has been a strong strategic partner for the WestWind Foundation. Its dedication to service delivery, advocacy, and youth empowerment speaks to the work we are doing at the Foundation. We are currently partnering with IPPF/WHR on engaging parents and teachers around comprehensive sex education geared towards younger adolescents, and to support them with the online resources they need to do so.”–The Miller Family, WestWind Foundation

“Access to family planning should be a human right. Empowering women to control their reproduction will allow women to play a larger role in politics and business, which our world vitally needs.” - Andrea Cimino, Maryland, Partner for Choice member since 2014

“IPPF/WHR embodies the value of liberation through information. Access to healthcare is of core importance to us all as individuals; information however changes not only the individual but the community.”–Claudia David, Washington, Online supporter since 2014

“IPPF/WHR has never been more relevant as it takes on the underlying policies and norms that deny reproductive and sexual rights. It is for that reason that we’re excited to be working together to promote men’s engagement as equitable and non-violent partners and fathers across the Americas.”–Gary Barker, President and CEO, Promundo-US

“IPPF/WHR is a leader in the promotion of public policies that uphold equality and social justice for all in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its leadership and structure—a network of local organizations connected globally—is a huge asset for all of those in our region who work towards achieving human rights for all.”–Leonel Briozzo, former Vice Minister of Health, Uruguay

“IPPF/WHR was there for us during the earthquake when we first founded the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network, and they will be there for us—and girls across Haiti—long into the future. They bring together partners from across the region to eradicate the deep inequalities faced by girls, and their support has been priceless.”–Myriam Narcisse, Coordinator for the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network

“It is fantastic that a large organization like IPPF/WHR partners with progressive, faith-based organizations to create long term change. Few organizations in the region work not only to help meet our shared goals but also to help strengthen the capacity of our diverse movement. This work is critical given the tremendous challenges, such as unsafe abortion, we face as a region.”–Maria Consuelo Mejía, Executive Director, Catholics for the Right to Decide, Mexico

“Sanctuary for Families provides a range of social services to survivors of domestic violence in New York City, including employment support. We have partnered with IPPF/WHR to provide internships and full-time employment, and the impact of our partnership is immeasurable: The importance of providing women with a career pathway with an established, mission-driven organization like IPPF/WHR cannot be overstated.”–Angelo J. Rivera, Director, Sanctuary for Families Economic Empowerment Program